Salisbury Free Zoo – (MD)

Alligator at Salisbury Zoo

Alligator at Salisbury Zoo

Park Info:

Location: 755 South Park Drive, Salisbury, MD 21802-2979. See the map to the right for location and directions.

Directions on PCs: Locate the Google map below the search box on the right-hand side of this webpage. Click “Get Directions” on the map pin details.

Directions on Tablets and Mobile Phones: Locate the Google map near the bottom of this page, just below the search box. Click “Get Directions” on the map pin details.

Park Characteristics:

  • Free admission and parking!
  • Paved walkways between exhibits.
  • Varied animals from the Americas.
  • They have a very friendly green-winged Macaw that likes to pose for pictures.
Green-Winged Macaw

This zoo is a great find and an exceptional side trip on your way to, or from Ocean City or Assateague Island. The zoo takes an hour or two to walk around, and features lots of varied animals, some seem friendly, others, not so much, like this next fella:

Alligator at Salisbury Zoo

I always get the feeling that alligators think of me as lunch, well, not today anyway. I’ve got a cage keeping me out of his lunch plans.

There were lots of ducks inside and outside of the park, geese too. I wonder if the wildfowl are seeking out the zoo ducks, or if it’s just the water and trees in the area that cause the attraction.

Flamingos standing behind the sign for the Macaw that is shown in the first photo.

The flamingos seemed pretty shy, but I don’t blame them. I didn’t have any fish, and it was pretty hot that day, I bet they would rather just stay in the shade.

Map of the Salisbury Zoo

We waited around for this Kookaburra to do his thing, a sound which I wouldn’t even know how to describe, so I’ll include a youtube video of a pair making their iconic noise:

The park is a great day trip if your in the area, and I highly recommend leaving a donation, it can’t be cheap for the park to maintain a free access park, and we need more of these things in this world!

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