Attraction Info:

Location: 12318 Hartstown Rd, Linesville, PA 16424, see the second map below for details.

Parking: Plenty of parking in two lots, one on either side of Hartstown Road.

What to see: The main attraction is feeding the carp bread near the spillway, but there are a few other interesting things to see in the area including the Linesville Fish Hatchery, and the Spillway Trail.

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An overview map of Pymatuning Lake
Detail map of the Spillway and surrounding roads

In the northeast corner of Pymatuning lake, there is a spillway that separates the lake into two areas, the smaller of which is the Fish Sanctuary. The water flows out of the sanctuary into the larger lake, and at this point, the fish congregate on both sides of the spillway to collect bread thrown by visitors. I know, it sounds pretty lame in theory, but you have to see it in person. Bring a few loaves of bread too!

Geese in the sanctuary portion of Pymatuning Lake

Geese also frequent the spillway, usually on the sanctuary side, and are quick to snatch bread thrown to the carp.

The carp gather near the edge of the spillway usually in areas directly in front of people.

The practice of feeding the fish is so prevalent that the bread can be purchased at a nearby concession building, but I suggest stopping on your way in case the stand sells out for the day.

The spillway consists of a half-circle arch laid on its side with the water on the sanctuary side being a foot or higher than the rest of the lake. Fish will occasionally get swept over the spillway, and every once in a while, a lucky fish will successfully leap over the spillway, and swim fast enough to break free from the flowing water back to the sanctuary. Many will try the leap over, but few attempts are successful.

The spillway with higher than average water on the lake-side.
Carp scampering for bread thrown by visitors.

Video of Carp eating Bread:

Smaller birds fly around the spillway, and carp swim near the overflow.

This is one place you have to see to believe!

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