Fallingwater as viewed from the "Bird's Eye View Overlook"

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I’ll get the disclaimer out of the way: I’m no architect, not even on the weekends, so my descriptions of this cool building may seem a little vague. I will say it was a great experience to see such an unusual house, that seemed to repeat a pattern of long flat surfaces stacked off-center, and almost never in alignment vertically.

Visitor Information – From the Fallingwater.org website

The living spaces had lots of light, and plenty of plants, something I am quite jealous of. I have a greenhouse at home, but this was like a greenhouse that you live in!

Another element that I found visually pleasing were the large boulders that the house was built around, which became elements of the house itself.

After viewing the house, we worked up an appetite and found excellent food available at the visitor’s center.

Just one word of caution, there is a “Lower Bear Run Trail” that we walked down on a hot day. The path followed the water down into a valley and ended abruptly near a bridge. If I could do that whole day over, I think we would skip the majority of this trail.

Otherwise, I found everything else to be pretty awesome. Even the trail from the visitor’s center to the house itself was amazing.

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