This is one of the more remote access points to the Erie to Pittsburgh trail, but it might be quite helpful if you’re in the area looking for a new stretch to walk, or if you’re trying to complete the whole trail in sections.

I’ll start off with the Geo-Location on the map below, as my directions there are a bit “iffy”. (Route 38-> Airport Road -> Rupert Road -> Left onto T522 )

There is parking down over a bit of a hill just by the pin on the map, or down the road a bit by a bridge. To get to the paved trail you will need to walk over a thin path that leads over the remains of an old bridge. It felt sturdy and safe when we walked it, but I can’t recommend anything other than walking. An adventurous 4 wheeler might be able to pass, but you would never catch me trying.

Our pathway over the bridge quickly brought us to the paved trail, including a lookout, and a shelter for hikers, down over a hill right by the river.

Rest shelter.

The paved portion was in great condition and completely free of debris. People zoomed by on bikes every 20 minutes or so as we gingerly walked in the otherwise wilderness. We did spot a very small baby snake but left him be as this was his home, not ours. I set my water bottle near him for scale, then quickly moved away. He didn’t appear to be venomous, but I’m not a snake expert, and I’d rather not disturb him.

Baby snake on the edge of the trail.

Overall it was a very relaxing trail, with less traffic than many other paved trails. We will definitely go back.


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