Trail Info:

Location: Northwest of Hocking Hills State Park on Big Pine Road, just off 374.

Trail Length: 3/4 mile. The Rim trail is 2.5 miles.

Directions on PCs: Locate the Google map below the search box on the right-hand side of this webpage. Click “Get Directions” on the map pin details.

Directions on Tablets and Mobile Phones: Locate the Google map near the bottom of this page, just below the search box. Click “Get Directions” on the map pin details.

Trail Characteristics:

  • A gorge trail with steep walls on both sides leads to a point where the gorge walls meet and the trail ends at a tiny waterfall.
  • The Rim trail has lots of dangerous cliffs, use caution!
  • Feels like a trip through Jurassic Park, minus the dinos of course.

I’ll get right to the point with this trail, it’s absolutely amazing. One of the best trails I think I’ve ever been on, it’s sure to please with dramatic gorge walls, lust vegetation, and even a cool stream running next to the path.

The trail path winds around and between large boulders inside a tight gorge. It felt so otherworldly that I kept thinking I should be looking for velociraptors jumping out of the trees.

The end of the trail has only one option, turn around. The two gorge walls meet with a tiny waterfall.

The waterfall runs through a thin slice of light, where you can see the gorge walls quickly rise up in the background.

Looking out from the cavern at the end of the trail.

Some guests before us left their mark with muddy hand-prints, a juvenile practice at best. The act isn’t destructive like graffiti and has little chance of remaining. I looked around for a good while before I found the source of mud used, and realized I’m too old to jump very high, but I did my best. I must confess, one of those prints is mine, I just can’t remember which.

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