Ash Cave Gorge Trail – Hocking Hills State Park (Ohio)

Ash Cave - Hocking Hills

Ash Cave - Hocking Hills

Trail Info:

Location: Located off 56 going south from South Bloomville in the southern portion of the Hocking Hills State Park

Length: The Gorge Trail is 1/4 mile, Rim Trail is 1/2 mile.

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Trail Characteristics:

  • The first portion of the gorge trail is paved, up to the opening of the cavern, in which the trail converts from a dray flat paved trail into a more primitive trail with steps, rocks, and occasion water.
  • There are a lot of areas without railings and steep drop-offs that are dangerous.

The gorge trail starts off almost like any other forest trail, with a paved access way, and tall trees. It’s not until you walk a bit down the trail that you realize the enormity of the cavern that awaits you.

The cavern appears fairly large at first, but it just seems to get larger and more awesome as you get closer.

Ash Cave

The cavern is hundreds of feet wide, and 90 feet tall, with a thin waterfall running over the edge, splashing into a tiny pool below.

The walkway to the cavern flows under a fallen tree.

The trail runs around the inside of the cavern, winding over some steps, and along a thin stone walkway.

View from the middle of the walkway.
A very thin waterfall over Ash Cave.

If you get the chance, keep walking as the trail connects to the Rim Trail. All of the trails in Hocking Hills are amazing!

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