Whirlpool State Park (New York)



Just north of Niagara Falls nestled right next to the border between USA and Canada.
There is a large parking lot, restrooms, and picnic tables are available. The park is not open year-round, so call ahead first: +17162845778, or check their website: https://parks.ny.gov/parks/105/details.aspx

Like water spraying out of a massive firehose, the water that has already fallen over Niagara Falls continues its urgent flow toward the Atlantic rushing around the Whirlpool State Park. You can get an excellent view of the flow from the tip of the park where there is an overlook perched high above the turbulent waters below.

We had stopped to check out this park after a day trip to Niagara Falls and didn’t stay long enough to explore the trails, one of which travels down to the edge of the water. You can get more trail information here: Niagara Gorge Trail Map.

The aptly named Whirlpool.

In the center-left of the top of the photo above, you might notice a cable car that traveled over the whirlpool from the Canadian side. I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed the trip had been given the option.

We briefly considered taking the 2.5-mile Devils Rapids trail, but time and energy were both running low that day. Above you can see two pictures from the area near the entrance to the Devil’s Rapids trail.


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